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Meet our team


We are Foundation Bon Samaritan. Foundation Bon Samaritan is a 100% volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania dedicated to popularize the notion of Good Samaritan, which we resume in two words “Growing Mercy.” The name “Bon Samaritan”, “Good Samaritan” in English was carefully chosen to demonstrate our commitment to showing mercy to those who need it the most. Being a 100% volunteer organization, we are committed to putting at work all your dollar. All donations go to support our great cause. 


For the past years, we have made it our mission to bring safe water to rural populations, and through it will come education, health, mentorship, and economic stability. We have offices and staff members in the United States and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, led by our CEO, Co-founder, and president Benoit Kihumbu.


Meet the committed and engaged team of experts changing thousands of of-of lives.


After reuniting with his childhood mentor Jean Leon Katshioko philanthropist and priest at the Vatican, Ben, with the help of his brother Romeo Kihumbu, founded Foundation Bon Samaritan in 2014.

Our Board 


We are surrounded by a diverse and committed board with a variety of expertise. Together, they are helping Foundation Bon Samaritan change lives with safe water and education.

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Hello Good Samaritans we are proud to an


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  • Judith Griggs, Ph.D Director Gussin Spiritan Division,Michael P. Weber Learning Skills Center, Affirmative Action Officer Duquesne University

  • Thomas Schaefer, Ph.D Associate Vice president for Academic Affairs La Roche College 

  • Kathy Russell President of NuHart hair Clinics and owner of R Wine Cellar

  • Barbara Rebovich

Our Team 

Foundation Bon Samaritan exists because of its very committed and engaged staff. Foundation Bon Samaritan's staff members are the heart of the organization. They make it happen by dedicating their time to help Foundation Bon  Samaritan reach its goals changing lives of populations in the rural areas.  Learn more about our culture  and join our team.   Get involved 

Team Members 



  • Ricky George, Social Media Coordinator & Marketing 

  • Ben Kihumbu, CEO & co-founder

  • Carly Chovanec, Outreach & Community Education 

  • Josephine Neema, Project Management & Finance Coordinator 

  • Romeo Kihumbu, Co-founder

  • Marie Therese Musoki Project Manager (DRC)


"We believe in Growing Mercy by bringing relief to rural populations through clean water, education, and mentorship."

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