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Safe Water  

Access to water, an opportunity for education


Water is at the center of every life. Access to clean water has the power to change lives, unlocking potentials like education and economic development that are lost by walking miles away from villages to reach and fetch clean water.  Because of the societal structure, women, helped by their children, are responsible to ensure clean water is readily available to their family. 


Time away spent fetching water can be time invested in education. Foundation Bon Samaritan's goal is to bring safe water close to villages by building water wells. Access to safe water allows communities to focus on community development and advancement.


Water for Life program is our ambitious effort to improve access to water by building water wells closer to rural villages. Find out more



Community Learning Center

From water comes life


Subsequent to the development of wells, our goal is to increase and improve literacy to eradicate rural exodus through the creation of literacy centers for the development of diverse talents by collaborating and mentoring those in need without discrimination.



The World Bank reports that around 89 million (20%) of the population aged 12-24 years old are out of school and that in the next decades, an estimated 40 million will drop out and face an uncertain future without adequate education and life skills. According to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), by 2025 the African continent’s youth population aged 15-24 is expected to be more than double the 2015 total of 226 million.



Numerous studies show there is a lack of educational infrastructures in underdeveloped countries. Thus, it is urgent to create structures and opportunities for youth and provide them with adequate knowledge to thrive and participate in community development.  Learn more about our Scholarship Program and our Change for Change program










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