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one brick at the time 

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"I am a strong believer that it should not cost much to be the difference the world needs."


-Benoit Kihumbu

Clay Brick Machine

Our affordable solution to build village Bon Samaritan due to lack of infrastructures in the rural zones is to purchase a clay brick block machine.

Earth bricks or interlocking bricks are strong and earthquake-resistant building materials. They are a proven earthquake-resistant technology that have been used for decades in areas affected by earthquakes such as India, Pakistan, Iran, and many other countries. It allows for construction of high quality structures at low cost, while empowering locals to build their own village.

The advantages of using the machine to create bricks are numerous. The first advantage is the construction cost. The materials needed are primarily sourced locally and require 80% less Portland Cement. The labor cost is also low, as little as $5 per worker per day. The production rate is 1500-1900 bricks made each day, and the machine has a low maintenance cost as well. 

Above all else, using the brick machine employs the local community members. Blocks can be used within days of being made, allowing for a short lag time between production of the blocks and the structures being raised.

Binding agent use is reduced, as the blocks interlock, similar to Lego blocks, and therefore do not require as much binding agent to hold each block in place.

Time is money, and the machine can allow construction of a one floor house with four rooms within a week.

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